Friday, August 8, 2014

Crazy Charlie Stole My Csinzka

Charlie with my girl
Hello, oh no, crazy Charlie is here again and he's stealing my girl!

My heart is broken. How can she like a younger crazy pup like that?

I feel old all of sudden. They will not stop playing. And my lady's not getting any work down. I can tell by the way her head is spinning around.

Thank god its only for one night.

Or so I thought...

Coda the Cuckoo

Oh this guy was nuts. He never stopped moving or napped at all. I mean all day long, pacing back and forth, up and down, panting, moving, panting, jogging, walking. Ugh, it drove me crazy. He must have gone outside ten times at least in an hour.

“What is your problem? Take a nap. It’s morning.”

“Dude. I don’t know. I can’t control it. It’s like my body just won’t chill out. I have to run, play, do something! I’m so bored. So bored, bored, bored…”

He seriously bounced around the house like he had pins on his paws.

Really? Do I have to do everything?

“Look.” I got up off the cozy couch and walked over to the big box full of toys. "We have an awesome collection of toys – lots of stuff to chew on and shake and squeak."

“There’s nothing there.” Coda started pacing again. “I already checked.”

“What? Are you crazy?” I pulled out every one of the toys on the floor. One fuzzy bear in particular had a great music box inside. 

“Listen,” I said throwing it in the air. “Just listen to that thing that’s buried in there somewhere.” I shook it around a bit in my mouth to show him. “Don’t you just want to get at it?”

“Hmmm.” He looked at the fuzzy bear. “No, looks too furry.” Then he nudged it with his nose. “And why is touching that weird fuzz fun?”

“You’re crazy. Look how crazy fun this is.” I plopped down on the sofa with it and started sucking, trying to get into the zone.  Ahhhhh, a good sucking feels so darn good… so relaxing…just close my eyes and suck, suck, suck away.

A yellow ball hit my head just as I closed my eyes. Oh, for the love of god...

“Let’s play with a ball!” Coda barked way too loud and excited, jumping around, pushing it back to me with his paw. “Come on! Come on! Come on!”

Stifling a yawn, I looked at him thinking this guy was beyond crazyville. “Um. Dude. No. Not going to happen.” 

Poor nutty kid was disappointed, but I went back to my squeezing and sucking. I picked up my own bear though. He’s right the fur on the other one was too fuzzy, despite the awesome music. I’d rather have soft fur and a squeaker than fuzzy funky music any day.

That crazy kid didn’t give up though. Gotta admire his tenacity.

“Oh, give me the ball sonny.” Granny Jordan said in between puffs. Just watching Coda exhausted her.

Coda was so happy he moved it with his nose and wasn’t at all disappointed that Granny just let it hit her paws. “You got it Jordan!” he said jumping up and down, beyond excited.

“Yes,” she huffed and puffed. “I got it.” Then she plopped over. “Now come over here and lay down and shut up. I need another nap.”

I knew there was a reason I liked that old gal.

She looked at me and kinda smiled. I smiled too and went back to my sucking.

God, the dawgs in this house these days...

Paws out.