Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Cyclone Called Darby

Darby 5 months and Maddie
My Lady just took a whack to the head by a flying toy, courtesy of a crazy puppy named Darby.

We've watched Little Darby a few times now, but there's a big difference between a nine week old little one and a five month old crazy Whippersnapper.

Ms. Lily
Ms. Lily
I've never known a pup so determined to lick and bite and hit and climb on every inch of my head - all at once. She's completely nuts. It's like her little body is growing, but her brain isn't.  The more my Lady tells her NO the more she does it. The more I grumble and grouse at her, she just laughs and does it more.  My Lady actually thought she might be a little hard of hearing, but it turns out Darby is a German Shorthaired Pointer, and they are bred to not respond to loud noises. A good hunting dog she will be, I guess, for she certainly doesn't respond at all to any of my Lady's noises.

There went the water bowl! At least a gallon of fresh water all over the kitchen floor. My Lady is so not happy, her agitation and stress level off the charts. I told her not to have coffee this morning, always makes it worse. Personally, I think the kitchen floor needed a good mopping anyway.

Little Madison Maddie
Madison "Maddie"
In addition to the Darbster, there are three other pups with us right now. They are all pretty cool, laid back ladies. Being surrounded by a group of gals is ok by me.

Ms. Molly
Lily is a Collie and ten years old, and very cool. She really loves her little Maddie sister and that's nice to see. And the little puppy gives Lily respect, which is smart. 

Cute little Madison is also a Maltese and only six months old. Little Maddie is quite adorable with her cone around her head, except when she bonks us with it. She's mostly house trained, probably because she can't jump down wherever she is, so she's learned to hold it. My lady carries her everywhere and forgets where she puts her sometimes. Little Maddie just sits patiently and waits though. It's kinda cute. Unlike Darby, little Maddie only gives me little sniffs and little licks, which I can tolerate.

Little Molly is a Maltese as well and about five years old. She's cool, but doesn't like anyone coming near my Lady. You can tell she's an only pup.

My Ladie's under there somewhere.
It's kinda nice snuggling up to watch TV with little ones every now and then. My Lady seems to like it. That's her buried under the covers. Molly and Maddie looked so comfy I had to join in.

The opera music started thank goodness. Always seems to calm my Lady down a bit. We'll see if it works, everyone's getting up from their naps...

Paws Out.

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