Friday, September 13, 2013

Lady Lucy Goosey

“What? What? WHAT?”

Oh Lordy, Professor McGonagall is staying with us again. Poor thing is close to fifteen years old, which is really, really old in dog years, and she looks amazingly like Maggie Smith from the Harry Potter movies. Pretty, but old. (Yes, I watch HP movies with my Lady, gotta problem with that?)

I thought Lucy Goosey or Dame Maggie Smith was hard of hearing the last time she came, but um no, she’s now deafer than a doorknocker. Poor thing. But she’s really kinda cute though, super soft fur, a little spaniel mix I think. I like my gals with a little spice you know…

“Don’t even go there Sonny boy, I’ll hit you with a tail so fast you won’t know what hit ya.”

Oh kay! Just making an observation. Will go back to sucking on my bear for a bit…

“Don’t wake me again unless there’s a treat involved. Enough said.” And Lucy went back to sleeping on the couch.

Gotta say, Dame Lucy Goosey, as my Lady calls her, knows her priorities in life.

And my Lady just LOVES her, I mean LOVES her. I don’t know what it is about senior pups, or more so the older lady pups, but my Lady just melts when she’s with them. Like turns to total complete mush.

I whine at her a bit at times, because um seriously, old Lady Lucy can’t hear all that mushy lovey stuff you’re saying to her, so why not talk to me a bit? Get on over here and give me some ear scratches or belly rubbies, woman.

Yeah, so I don’t like the mushy talk, but I never said anything about the rubbies…

Oh, and here come the treats. The homemade turkey bacon treats. YES! Gotta love that Lucy Goosey girl. She just huffs at me like I’m stupid or something, but I know she’s got it down pat.  She just looks at the camera with my Lady behind it, her eyes all big and soulful. Sap, sucker, my Lady can’t resist.

At least she doesn’t touch my Bears. “As if!” she says walking away. “They smell disgusting.” She's got class, that Lady Lucy.

My Lady somehow agrees and now I have to get a BATH tomorrow. GREAT! Can’t a dude pup get a break? Just a few scratching here and there, pull eaze. Gah! Baths. Not happy.

Gotta admit after the puppy frenzy we had here the past four days, a little senior time is AWESOME. I’m really loving it. The house smells good, my Lady went to town cleaning everything, saging the house and burning incense. I think she felt a bit guilty for not having a lot of patience with the pupsters. She can’t be good at everything though, I keep telling her.  And I have to say I didn’t like the fact that I had to stand for ten minutes while she cleaned the floors. I want my couch when I want it, just sayin.

I was a little worried tonight when my Lady watched a three year old tyke name Christopher. I thought for sure he was going to be even worse than a puppy but he surprised me. Christopher kept telling me I was a really good dog and gave me his pizza crust, which was super cool.  I was very careful to take it with my lips and not my teeth, and he giggled at that.  And when he left his cracker box on the floor for me CHA CHING!  My Lady didn’t appreciate it, but I thought it was awesome. Those goldfish crackers are the best! Yum! But, I have to say the best part was when I overheard him say he wanted a “dog just like Hamish” when he got older. I gotta say that was pretty darn cool to hear. Sniff, sniff, yawn. I still got it.

And the little tyke was super nice to Lady Lucy too, even kissed her on the forehead a couple of times. What a great little kid. I won’t be so nervous the next time he comes over. I don’t think anyway.

Now that it’s the end of the night, it’s pretty calm and peaceful in the house, my Lady working, the classical music playing, Lady Lucy is asleep. I have to get up and throw my toys around a bit, just to stretch and show my stuff. God, it’s great to be a dog named Hamish.

Lucy just rolled her eyes at me, again. “Give it a rest Sonny boy. Take a nap.”

I think I’ll do just that.

Paws out,

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