Monday, October 7, 2013

Other Pup Smells and Similar Ickiness

Super comfy nap time.

My lady came home a few weeks ago smelling like a hundred other dogs. I wasn’t too happy that she left me all afternoon but then to basically rub my nose in the fact that she was with other pups while she was gone, wasn’t too cool.

She was pretty sad all night though. She apologized for leaving me and said she spent all day at a shelter taking care of some poor dogs that didn’t have homes.  We sat next to each other all night on the couch while she caught up with work and I caught up with her. I missed her a bit. She seemed to like the fact that I fell asleep with my head on her lap. My Lady might be a bit crazy at times, but she has a really comfy, soft lap just the perfect size for my big head. I could tell she was happy to be home, and I was really happy she was home too.

Sometimes I think about how crappy I had it before I met my Lady, but not often. Smelling all those dogs on her brought it back a bit and I had a hard time eating my dinner. Thinking about those cement floors and god awful smells. Never knowing if I was going to live or die. The constant barking alone is enough to drive anyone crazy.  

I know I was horribly sick when I met my Lady.  She was really worried about me, I could tell. I was kind of worried about me too.  I felt pretty close to dying. You kinda know when your body is giving out. And I seriously thought my days were numbered.

Then I met my Lady and she spent a lot of time with me, holding me and getting me to eat.  I spent a lot of time just napping next to her, trying to heal. I was pretty sick inside and out.

I think my lady realizes today how happy I am that I have her, as much as she is thankful to have me. 

If you love big dudes like me, think about fostering for the Great Dane Rescue of North Texas. There are plenty of us who need good homes. We may not be designer dogs, but we make up for it in love.

Enough on the mushy stuff,

Paws out,

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