Saturday, October 26, 2013

Joey and Penny - Gah! A Kissing Frenzy

Joey and Penny - crazy dog love
Joey came to stay with us for a few days. He was a cool dude, not very big, but chill. He was really "well behaved," my lady said. Not sure what she meant by that. Just because he sat, and danced and came immediately when he was called. I thought he was a little boring to be honest.

He kind of looked like a fox and not really a dog, but he smelled like a dog so that was cool. It was calm and peaceful in my home for a few days.

Then Penny came to stay.

Penny and Joey sitting in a tree, kissing and kissing and kissing all the time! Crazy how much those two kissed each other. It was downright disgusting.

Joey Boy
Penny was a six month old little girl, I’ll admit very cute, although she was one of those designer dogs. 

A Toy Australian Shepherd she was only about ten lbs if that. She was an exuberant little nugget, always flying around this way and that, crawling all over my Lady, kissing and cleaning her. She felt it was her job to clean everyone. She tried a couple times with me, but I said "no."  That’s just weird. Boundaries you know.

Joey loved it though, and started kissing her back. Good god they played like there was no tomorrow, always rolling around on each other, holding paws, licking each other’s teeth. Sharing all the toys, kissing some more. Always kissing!

The worst part was the food.  They insisted on sharing with each other, but completely forgot about me. That hurt my feelings even more than the non-stop cleaning sessions.

I tried to show them how the big boys play with one of my big fuzzy bears.  I stood in the middle of the room and shook it all around really hard. They just ran for cover and stared at me like I was crazy.

Then they started kissing each other again. Penny would run off and Joey would chase her, then they would flop all over, arms wrapped around each other, and kiss non stop, like for ever. Seriously their constant licking was driving me crazy. I now knew why my Lady told me to stop whenever she heard my licking. That constant licking sound drove me nuts. I barked at them to stop, and they would for like a second.

“What’s up?” they said in unison. Disgusting. They even thought alike.

No matter the momentary distraction, they went right back to playing and kissing again.

Little Penny Puppyhead
Finally Joey left, and although my Lady was worried Penny was going miss her new boyfriend, I was secretly glad. I kind of liked it when I was the only male in the house. Just sayin.

At least I felt that way until my Lady made up the Penny Puppyhead song. “Are you a nickel, or a dime or a quarter???? NO! You’re Pretty Penny Puppyhead and you live in my purse…” She carried that dog around constantly and Penny loved it.  She would jump on my Lady and wrap her body around her neck and kiss her all the time. And my Lady loved it. She would rub her belly and kiss her head and sing that dumb, dippy penny puppyhead song. I was seriously going to vomit.

“I just love, love, love your lady!” Penny giggled all the time. “She’s just so funny and sings really bad.”

I have to say although little Penny was adorably cute, I was super sick of seeing my Lady and Penny Puppyhead together all the time. And their non-stop giggle fest was annoying. I never got the joke. It really was a dumb song.

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