Saturday, October 26, 2013

Surrounded By Girlies

Bouncer and Capri

It’s flying toy time in my house.

I’m surrounded by four lovely ladies– yes, I feel like the other famous H.H. – just call me Hamish Hefner for now.

The best part is they are super trainable. I had them barking at any sign of danger lurking about. I don’t know how much my Lady appreciated it though.

She does love the girlies – is obviously having a ball with the little fluff balls bouncing around. She loves the sounds of their pattering, little feet.

Yes, it's Romper Room

It’s annoying to watch them fight over her lap, though. So needy!

Little Capri Cupcake is staying with us awhile. Her lady is on some sort of cruise to Bora Bora or someplace like that. She’s a Coton de Tulear, very fancy and she knows it. She makes the cutest little cooing sounds, though. Like a little birdy. Only she’s a dog. I keep telling her that. She’s doing some obscene things with my Lady’s bunny slippers. Not sure what that’s all about.

Lily girl is a grand ole dame. She just had surgery, an emergency spay operation. At her age, going on eleven, it’s a pretty serious surgery. She’s definitely feeling better

Lily's on my couch
Bouncer and Bella are back again. They are always a trip. Bella certainly has some spunkiness to her. Loves to chase the squirrels in the back yard. She and Capri are playing non-stop. I try to join in, but they scamper away when I do.

today. My Lady spoon feeds her for pity's sake. High maintenance for sure.

Bouncer just wants to sit on my Lady’s lap. It’s kinda sickening with all the kisses. Her little Flashdance sweatshirt is cool though. “I get cold easily,” she said when I snickered. Ah, huh. Likely story.

Ugh, my paws are dirty. Great, my Lady notices my nasty footprints and now I have to get a bath. Gah!

Dinner time!
Wet paws out,

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