Monday, October 7, 2013

Jaeger Meister

My Lady fell in love with this little dude.

I have to admit I liked him too.

Just so chill and laid back, and super nice, little Jaeger was cool to have around. My lady adored him, made a little throne for him and everything. She even FaceTimed with his Lady since she knew he was missed.

And he was super cool through it all, like he was totally used to being fussed over.

"They love me, I know." He kinda sighed about it. "My life is truly blessed. I just can't help being that cute. What can you do?"

He never knew a sad day in his life the little Jaeger man, but he didn't seem to take it for granted either. He just knew to appreciate it all with grace and humor. "I have a great life and a great lady, enough said."

Funny enough, he did try to go at with the ladies though, which I thought was funny.

Old Hannah gal would kinda put him in his place. He wouldn't know what hit him.

For the first time in little Jaeger Meister's life he was going to have to work for it a bit.

Never a dull moment in my home.

Paws out for now, all about Hannibal Hannah later,


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