Saturday, April 26, 2014

Big Teeth and Little Paws

Madison "Maddie"

 “No little one, you will never be as big as me.”

“But why not Hay-mith?”

I groaned and put my head down. Her little lisp gets me every time.

“Let me see your big teeth again Hay-mith. Please…”

Oh, big yawn. “No,” but I yawned again, and threw in a moan for effect.

“They're so big!” she said with such amazement I smiled.

“Yes, I know little one.” The pups really do crack me up.

“You must really rip all those toys a lot.” Little Maddie chomped on a wee bear and shook her head, showing me her spunk. Then she promptly hacked up a puff ball.

Good grief. “Try not to eat the stuffing part, little one.”

“I can’t help it,” she said, her little tongue going a mile a minute. “Gets stuck in my teefe.”

Maddie and Hamish
“Like this,” I sighed, chomping on a bear, giving it a good shake, then settling down with it in my paws. “See? No messy stuffing.”

“Your paws are so big, Hay-mith.”

Oh, this is going to be a long conversation, and nap time is a’callin.

“Yes, Little Madison, they are.” I crossed my paws so she could get a better look.

“But I don’t have big paws or big teeth,” she said with a yawn.

Finally she gets sleepy. “No you don’t little one.”

Another big yawn from the tyke. “But why not?”

“Because I am a Great Dane, and you are…”

“Yes? What am I?” She perked up waiting to hear.

“A tinker toy multi-poo, or ‘designer dog,’ as my Lady calls you.” Now I yawned again. “You were made to fit into a human’s purse.”

“Oh,” she said quietly, looking so disappointed I gotta throw her a bone.

“Shake that toy again, though. You got it! Next time you’re in that Lady’s purse give it whirl.”

“Okay! I will!” she danced around. “I wuv you Hay-mith. Can I sleep on your pillow?”

“Yes, little one. Get some sleep.”

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